Are you going to the caravan show? Here are our top tips for a great show

Some events are more or less bound to appear on any caravanner’s calendar year after year. These are the various caravan shows that are staged throughout the country, at different grounds, according to the changing seasons.

Topping the bill, there is one show, in particular, that few caravan owners – and prospective owners – will want to miss. This is the annual jamboree that is the Motorhome and Caravan Show usually held each Autumn in the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) near Birmingham.

Schedules for the annual show were repeatedly frustrated during the past two years of Covid lockdowns and the restrictions these entailed on large indoor gatherings. It is with a heartfelt sigh of relief, therefore, that the Motorhome and Caravan Show for 2022 will go ahead as planned between the 18th and 23rd of October.

It is sponsored by the Motorhome and Caravan Club, the Camping and Caravanning Club, and Find My Leisure Vehicle – anyone who’s anyone, in other words, in the caravanning fraternity.

Are you going?

Are you going – and, if you are, how will you make the most of the experience? Here are some tips for making a memorable day of it and for enjoying a great show:

New caravans and campers …

  • probably the biggest reason for visiting the show is the chance to see new caravans and motorhomes – and that’s not just new, but those coming completely fresh to the market for 2023;
  • it is a chance to see for yourself the very latest in design, technology and comfort that will make every outing in your new caravan a joy to indulge – impressing friends, neighbours and fellow caravanners by staying ahead of all the latest trends;
  • even if you are not in a position to buy a brand new 2023 model, those on show will give you a taste of all you might aspire to and help set your sights on what to look for even in buying a second hand, pre-loved caravan;
  • with such a heady mix of new launches on display, it might help to narrow down your search by doing a little research in advance;
  • in a special edition, Practical Caravan picked the best new caravans to appear on the market during 2022;
  • if you are new to the game – and maybe if you have been around for a while – the British market has an amazing range of assorted brands to choose from;
  • with makes such as Adria, Bailey, and Coachman, some might say that it’s as easy as ABC, but don’t be fooled and be sure to head off to others’ stands, such as those manned by Elddis, Lunar, and Swift;
  • the caravan show has literally hundreds of makes and models on display and every one of them has a different layout, shows off the latest innovations, and is presented with a different finish;
  • if you have your heart set on a particular model – and who wouldn’t – you can place your order then and there, with home delivery guaranteed for the start of the new caravanning season in 2023;

… and more

  • it’s not only the latest motorhomes and caravans that are unveiled at the show, but variations on the theme, such as static holiday homes, folding caravans, and trailer tents;
  • in short, anyone with a passion for the freedom of the open road, a life in the great outdoors and the luxury of a home to call your own when you retire at night;


  • with any outing in your caravan, you are almost certain to discover how essential some gadget or accessory might be – from awnings to porches and satellite systems to caravan movers;
  • thinking ahead to those moments, you might want to drop in on the many stands and stores selling the latest accessories at what are likely to be the keenest prices;

Talk to those in the know

  • of course, there are plenty of opportunities for you to discuss directly with the experts all the ins and outs of any caravan that catches your eye or to describe what you are after and be pointed in the right direction;
  • but there are also those at the caravan show who are knowledgeable in the wider aspects of caravanning, such as insurance, security for your caravan, the finance to pay for it and the type of car you might choose to tow it;

Where next?

  • with all that viewing of caravans, stocking up on accessories, seeking advice on insurance and related matters, you are probably itching to just hitch up and go – but where to;
  • at the show, you can explore the possibilities of taking your caravan to the UK or Europe – or just about anywhere in the world – get the advice of travel experts, book your holiday, and even pay for it.

The Motorhome and Caravan Show offers a golden opportunity to keep fully abreast of all the latest news and developments – whether you are interested in buying or just window shopping. So why not make the most of that opportunity and seize the day.