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Are you looking at caravan insurance reviews?

Looking at touring caravan insurance reviews is likely to make a great deal of sense – it provides an opportunity for comparing what specific products have to offer, in a very wide field of potential choices, allowing you to select the cover that is most suitable for your own particular needs and requirements, at a competitive price.

Such reviews may give you a reliable indication, therefore, of the type and provider of insurance likely to represent good value for money.

It might be helpful to have a steer – by way of a few tips and suggestions – at what you might be looking for when conducting your touring caravan insurance reviews:

Your caravan …

  • the principal element of any touring caravan insurance, of course, is the protection of the caravan itself against loss or damage;
  • when reviewing policies on offer, therefore, you might want to know what happens in the worst case scenario of a total write off – some policies might offer to settle on a new for old basis if the caravan is under a certain age, whilst others might have an in-built calculation for depreciation;
  • the precise make and model of your caravan is also important in terms of the insurer’s valuation, so you might want to seek out those providers with a particular knowledge of your particular model;

… and its contents

  • an insurer’s treatment of claims involving loss or damage to the contents of your caravan is also important;
  • once again, you need to know just what is covered and what is excluded;
  • is cover for accidental damage or all-risks included as standard, for instance, and are claims to be settled on a new for old basis or only after the deduction of the estimated wear and tear of lost or damaged contents;

Help from those in the know

  • it may be difficult to know, of course, just which insurers are most familiar with your particular make and model of caravan;
  • a specialist provider of touring caravan insurance, on the other hand, may have precisely this information and be able to give greater clarity and understanding to the reviews you are conducting;

Insurance, insurance everywhere

  • as part of your review, you might also want to check the extent to which other common household insurance policies may overlap with or affect your caravan insurance;
  • does your motor insurance, for instance, asks the website Caravan Talk, include cover whilst towing a caravan, does your standard home contents insurance extend cover to any of the contents of your caravan, and is the awning you use for your caravan included in the cover for the caravan itself or do you need to insure it separately;


  • the cost of your touring caravan insurance is clearly a factor when reviewing competing sources of cover, so what are the factors that help you enjoy any discounts that may be offered;
  • some may be obvious and familiar to anyone with just a passing knowledge of the way in which many insurance policies work – if it is possible to accept a higher excess on claims, for instance, this might be in return for cheaper premiums, or you might enjoy no claims discounts if you manage to avoid making any claim for given periods of time;
  • some discounts, on the other hand, may be less clear cut and depend on the policies of particular providers;
  • taking particular care over the security of your caravan when it is in storage, laid up for the winter, for example, may earn valuable discounts in premiums;
  • these are storage sites which have been carefully and specifically graded according to the level of security offered – in terms of CCTV monitoring, for instance, perimeter fencing or control of exit and entry points;

Playing your part

  • typically, insurers have every right to expect you to play your part in mitigating the risk of any loss or damage;
  • as has already been noted, secure storage, which may help to reduce the risk of theft or vandalism may earn you a discount on premiums, but there may be other requirements which certain insurers impose as a standard precaution;
  • one of the most common, likely to be revealed in any review of touring caravan insurance policies, concerns the general security of your caravan whilst you are on the road touring;
  • if you have stopped and plan to leave the caravan unattended, for example, you may be required to fit both hitchlocks and wheel clamps if it is still attached to the towing vehicle, or wheel clamps alone if it is unhitched from any towing vehicle;
  • your review of policies might need to include insurers’ specific requirements in this regard.

Touring caravan insurance reviews may play an important part in selecting the right cover for you and your caravan. These tips and suggestions are made to help you make the most of any such review.