Caravans and Insurance

When you think about your caravan, do you think about it as the gateway to carefree holidaying in the UK and abroad? That is the case for thousands of British caravan enthusiasts. But your caravan is also a valuable asset, which may need to be protected. Therefore, considering consider caravans insurance could be a smart idea.

After all, what would you do if the caravan was damaged in some way? If your van was uninsured and was destroyed in a storm or fire, you may not be able to afford to replace or repair it.

However, you and yours would still want holidays!

And don’t forget that in some cases – such as with motorhomes – you will need to have at least third party cover if you are to drive it legally on UK roads.

Types of Insurance available.

There is a variety of different types of cover available from providers. You may be looking for a different type of insurance policy depending on whether you need:

  • touring caravan insurance;
  • hobby caravan insurance;
  • static caravan insurance; or
  • motorhome cover.

What might the policy look like?

Your caravans insurance policy may depend on what you need, and what each provider offers. Typical cover may include damage caused by risks like storms, fire and flooding to the structure of the van itself. But caravan insurance may also include cover for the contents of the van.

The contents section of the cover may be where a few limitations and exclusions can be found. For instance, some insurers may limit how much can be claimed for one particular item. Accordingly, you may wish to consider leaving very valuable items at home, or get separate cover for them.

Like all cover, a caravans insurance policy may include an excess (this is the amount that you may have to pay in the event of a claim), and there will be set a procedure for making a claim.

What may affect the price and availability of caravans insurance?

Location, location, location may be an important factor in the price and availability of caravan insurance. For example, if you keep your touring caravan in a safe and secure place, you may find that policies may be more attractively priced than if the caravan is kept somewhere with minimal security provisions.

Also, some caravans insurance policies may also depend on the security measures that you have installed. Some insurers may insist that you fit both a hitchlock and a wheel clamp as minimum security measures on an unhitched tourer. If you have not already installed these, there may be an initial outlay for you, but in the long term you may be glad that you have taken these steps, both from an insurance point of view and peace of mind.