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Our service and your caravan insurance

If you are above certain age (and are willing to admit it!) you may well remember the days when trying to get caravan insurance or any other form of cover, was something of a tedious business.

Walking along the high street into the one outlet within your reach that offered caravan insurance meant not only effort and delay but also very possibly an associated lack of choice.

Of course, that world has largely gone and perhaps not too many of us think of it nostalgically.

Today, caravan insurance is available electronically be it via the internet or the modern telephone service systems.

In our case, we recognise that it is necessary to offer what is called multi-channel customer service. That is something of a techno-speak expression but its meaning is simple – we will offer you the service that you prefer be that via telephone or the internet.

We know that some of our customers prefer the ultimate flexibility of investigating caravan insurance and buying it over the net. They can choose a time of their convenience and take as long as they need to browse around inside our site to find the required information and options.

We will then happily send copies of the documentation via e-mail with the originals through the post if required.

Although some people may consider the internet to be the ultimate in flexibility and ease, we also know that others might prefer dealing with a human voice and the personal interaction that it generates. That is why we also offer telephone service that includes, of course, help and guidance.

One of the things we are committed to is to make your process of insurance selection and purchase as easy as possible. Nobody understands better than we do that the enjoyable part of caravans and caravanning is actually getting out and using them rather than sitting around debating the intricacies of insurance!

Yet your enjoyment of your caravan may be that bit more satisfying if you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have solid insurance behind you.

Our job is to help you achieve that very peace of mind as quickly and efficiently as we can.