A Quick Guide To… Buying Your Static Caravan Insurance Online

In this step-by-step guide, we at Cover4Caravans will demonstrate how to purchase your competitive Static Caravan quotation from our panel of insurers online! This is the final step and will offer a range of options for you to consider.

  • We require a contact telephone number for yourself in order that in the unlikely event of any problem with the system we can speak with you.
  • This will then send you into your payment options, please first read the Peace of Mind statement first.
  • You then have 3 varied payment options:
    • Payment through HSBC using your credit/debit card for full payment. Please check the inception dates and the amount.
      • This will then transfer you to HSBC�s Secure Payments link.
      • You must have a card registered in the UK for this transaction.
    • The second option is to pay via PayPal through your existing account inclusive of service charges.
    • The third option is to request an invoice and pay by cheque within 14 days. We will contact you to confirm as you may choose to pay by monthly direct debits (full details available when you contact us)

Away you go! We will then confirm everything is OK and you will receive an email of the documents!