A Quick Guide to Getting Caravan Insurance

How do you go about getting caravan insurance? It may not be the most exciting task you have to do today, but it is an important part of making sure that your caravan is protected from unexpected events such as:

  • theft or attempted theft;
  • loss or damage to the caravan itself or its contents;
  • fire or explosion; and
  • storm or flooding to name a few risks.

The exact list of insured events may vary depending on which insurer you have chosen, so it makes sense to ensure that you understand fully what the cover does and does not entail.

If you need any help when looking for caravan cover, our professional and friendly staff can help you navigate the decisions that you have to make about caravan insurance, and can help you find the most suitable policy for your own individual needs.

What else is there to take into account?

If you have a number of caravan insurance quotes to choose from, then you may obviously want to take price into account. But other important issues may include the quality of service that you may receive from a provider, and the exclusions and limitations that may apply.

For example, some policies may insist that the caravans travel only a certain number of miles per year, and may impose a geographical limitation on where the policy applies.

If you use an awning with your caravan, you may wish to check the insurer’s provisions about these. Check whether the contents of awnings are covered (for example, any outside furniture and the like). But in addition to the contents, you may also like to verify whether the structure of the awning is also included, or what obligations you may have to its use (for example, stowing it away when you are not in the caravan etc).

The contents of the caravan itself may typically be covered by caravan insurance, but you may wish to pause and take a thorough look at the small print on this point. Some insurers may limit how much you may claim on one single item, or have a cap on the amount that can be claimed for contents overall.

If this is of concern, you may wish to consider carefully what you take on holiday with you, or whether it needs special insurance of its own. For example, if you have an expensive camera, you may wish to get it covered under its own policy.

A word about security

The word about how brilliant caravanning can be is spreading. Unfortunately, this does mean that your precious van may be at risk from theft. Accordingly, it may be a condition of your caravan insurance that you have to install specific types of locks and other security devices to keep it safe.