A Quick Guide to Getting Caravan Insurance

How do you go about getting caravan insurance? It may not be the most exciting task you have to do today, but it is an important part of making sure that your caravan is protected against loss or damage from a wide range of unexpected events, risks, and perils.

The risks covered are likely to vary – potentially quite a lot – from one insurer to another but typically include protection against such incidents as:

  • theft or attempted theft – of the caravan and/or its contents;
  • loss or damage to the caravan itself or its contents;
  • fire or explosion;
  • storm damage or flooding;
  • public liability cover.

From even a partial list of potential risks such as this, it is probably easy to see why caravan insurance may play such a vital role and that you have taken the care to understand precisely what your particular policy covers – and, just as importantly, what it excludes.

Getting caravan insurance

It might be clear just why you need caravan insurance but how do you go about getting it?

In its general advice on buying any kind of insurance, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) encourages consumers to shop around. Policies – and the prices for their premiums – vary quite widely, so you will want to shop around for the cover that suits both your needs and your pocket.

Shopping around

You might tackle choosing insurance in the same way you might decide on any other product – by tracking down products that seem to offer what you want, comparing prices, and going straight to the point of sale.

In the case of your caravan insurance, of course, this would mean deciding what type of cover will suit your particular needs and circumstances. Once you have identified potential products, you might then compare their respective prices.

With sufficient knowledge, care, and energy, this method of shopping around for your caravan insurance might indeed deliver the cover you want. Of course, here at Cover4Caravans we can do all the legwork for you – finding you what we believe is the most cost-effective and suitable caravan insurance quote.

Either through our online quote service or by contacting us, we can help you access specialist caravan insurance options so you can select the most suitable insurance policy for you.

Indeed, some caravan insurance policies are available only through us, as brokers, and these you are unlikely to secure by going directly to the insurers themselves.

All in all, therefore, to ensure that you arrange insurance that is suitable for you and your caravanning needs, provides every element of cover relevant to your personal circumstances, and is offered at a competitive market price, you might want to seek our help and advice. As independent insurance brokers, we offer the benefits and advantages of such impartial advice as identified by the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA).

Let us do the shopping around on your behalf and let us come up with appropriate policies for you to choose – and what we believe is at a competitive market rate.

Considerations when choosing a policy

Whether you are sourcing your caravan insurance policy yourself or are using the services of a broker, such as Cover4Caravans, what should you consider when choosing your cover?

If you have several caravan insurance quotes to choose from, then naturally you may want to take price into account. But other important issues may include the quality of service that you receive from a provider and the exclusions and limitations that may apply.

For example, some policies may insist that the caravans travel only a certain number of miles per year and may impose a geographical limitation on where the policy applies.

If you use an awning with your caravan, you may wish to check the insurer’s provisions about these. You will need to advise any potential insurer that you will be using an awning – as this will be shown separately on your policy schedule. You will also need to check whether any camping equipment or personal possessions stored under your awning is covered (any outside furniture and the like, for example).

In addition to the contents, you should confirm your obligations as to its use (for example, stowing it away when you are not in the caravan).

The contents of the caravan itself may typically be covered by caravan insurance, but you may wish to pause and take a thorough look at the small print on this point. Some insurers may limit how much you may claim on one single item or have a cap on the amount that can be claimed for contents overall.

If this is of concern, you may wish to consider carefully what you take on holiday with you, or whether it needs special insurance of its own. For example, if you have an expensive camera, you might want to get it covered under a separate policy of its own.

We end with a brief note on one of the downsides to the increasing popularity of caravanning – and the attendant need for security awareness.

Your valuable caravan is at risk of theft. Accordingly, it may be a condition of your caravan insurance that you have to install specific types of locks and other security devices to keep it safe – a common requirement, for example, is that both hitch locks and wheel locks are used when you leave your caravan hitched to a towing vehicle and that wheel locks alone are used when you leave the caravan, and it has been unhitched.

Next steps

Ensuring you get the most suitable caravan insurance can give you peace of mind that your ‘van is properly covered. Why not contact us today for a no obligation chat, or get a quote online to see how we can help?