A Quick Guide To… Obtaining Your Online Static Caravan Insurance Quotation

In this step-by-step guide, we at Cover4Caravans will demonstrate how to get your competitive static caravan insurance quotation online!

  • Click on our static caravan insurance links on the site.
  • The first page is your personal details. There are certain mandatory fields so that we are able to contact you in whichever form you are happy with.
  • The next page is the details of your static caravan. The year of manufacture is important as this determines the level of cover that you are eligible for, along with the age of the static van and if you purchased your static caravan from new.
  • We do need the site location as our rating does require this information.
  • If your static caravan is within ¼ mile of a river, quarry or the sea please tick this box, we may still be able to quote if the site has not been damaged previously.
  • We do ask a series of general questions, please read through carefully and select the appropriate answers.

You should now have your static caravan quotation!

  • This then brings up a quotation. Click on the “View Information” section provides basic cover terms, on the right-hand side you will see our “IPID” which are a useful at-a-glance guide to your static caravan insurance. If you have any questions that you cannot find answers to on our website, please contact our helpful Team who are available on F 01702 606301 between 9am and 5.15pm Monday to Friday.
  • You will see above in red your quotation reference which you should make a note of in case you contact us or try to retrieve your quote.
  • You will also be emailed your static caravan insurance quotation for ease of reference.
  • You can also click “Edit Your Quotation” to change any details.