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Touring Caravan Insurance Theft Claims – Our 2008 Results!

With our policy condition that your touring caravan must be protected with a hitchlock and wheel clamp whilst left unattended and unattached from the towing vehicle and our condition that a wheel clamp must be fitted when the vehicle is attached to your towing vehicle and left unattended, we have finally seen a good reduction in the number of reported touring caravan insurance theft claims which were made by our touring caravan insurance policy holders in 2008.

However, we still had more than 8 touring caravans stolen, costing our touring caravan insurance companies over £70,000 in claims payments.

It remains very important that you look after your investment by ensuring that you are taking every precaution you can to prevent the theft of your touring caravan.

Interestingly the majority of our thefts took place from the clients home address, the safest place to keep your touring caravan in 2008 would seem to have been at a dedicated storage facility!

Our team here at Cover4Caravans are able to offer you expert security and safety tips to help prevent the theft of your touring caravan – pick up the phone to us and let us see if we can help!

Remember that by securing your touring caravan properly you will avoid an increase to your touring caravan insurance premium should your pride and joy actually be stolen.