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The 1930’s couple who took a motorhome trip to the Sahara and more caravan news …

The days are growing ever shorter and winter is setting in, so why not snuggle down with a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest caravan news here … The 1930’s couple who took a motorhome trip to the Sahara Do...Read more

Energy-saving tips for caravanners

Though it’s probably for others to decide whether climate change has yet reached emergency proportions, most of us want to do our best to conserve energy – and find that we’re also saving money into the bargain. Never people to be left behind...Read more

What is it REALLY like to run a holiday park?

Have you ever been on a caravanning trip, and wondered what it is like to run a holiday park? Do you look at the idyllic surroundings and think: “I’d love to do this”? Here we speak to Abbie Dudley, Assistant Manager of Office...Read more

How to compare caravan insurance

At Cover4Caravans, we help you compare caravan insurance online enabling you to find the most cost-effective and appropriate insurance quote. So, if you're carrying out a caravan or static home insurance comparison – whether using our service or not...Read more

The Show, a “caravan hotel”, bid for year-round caravan park in County Durham, and more

Just when you thought the caravanning season was coming to a close and all further activity would lie dormant for a while, we bring you some of the latest tidbits of news that keeps us focused on the pastime’s ever-changing horizons. Here is...Read more