Avoid those caravan fines, Swift’s 2024 line-up, wild camping rules and other UK caravan and camping news

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Tips on avoiding caravan fines

When you’re venturing out with your caravan at this time of year, you might be tempted to pack extra clothing and additional camping gear in anticipation of the longer, colder nights.

Do that by all means but beware of overloading your caravan, warns a story in the Caravan Times on the 28th of September. Every caravan has a technical and legal maximum weight restriction and if you exceed that limit you risk safety on the roads and the prospect of a fine – or even stiffer penalty.

Keep in mind that even a minor weight infraction can attract a fine of £300 – so, don’t overload your trailer.

Overloading is not the only area where caution is needed if you want to avoid hefty fines:

  • speeding – is an offence for which you could be fined up to £1,000. So remember that the maximum speed when towing a caravan on single-carriageway roads is 50 mph and on motorways, it is 60 mph;
  • overtaking – if you’ve crossed an unbroken white line to do so, you could be fined up to £1,000 and have those dreaded penalty points added to your licence;
  • mismatched number plates – make sure that the number on your caravan is the same as the towing vehicle and similarly complies with the regulations on size, colour, and spacing of the characters;
  • safe towing – the vehicle you’re using to tow your caravan needs to be safe and roadworthy in every respect unless you’re prepared to face a fine of up to £2,500 for driving an unsafe rig along the road.

Swift reveals its line-up of motorhomes & campervans for 2024 season

As British manufacturer Swift celebrates its 60th anniversary, the company has marked this impressive milestone with a raft of new and updated models for 2024.

The key new features across its stable of popular motorhomes and campervans include:

  • just launched at the end of the current season, the Voyager 4 makes the most of its interior spaciousness;
  • the Voyager 5 series has an additional model and all feature new details;
  • the Kon-Tiki also boasts a range of new features including a Swift Command dashboard and app – all housed in a lengthened vehicle;
  • a new model also joins the existing Ascari range; and
  • exciting new features mark the existing Carrera, Monza, and Escape models.

Oldham caravan site denied lodges in case of ‘damaging’ view

Moorlands Caravan Park in Saddleworth has had its application for the development of seven “holiday lodge” static caravans rejected by the local planning authority, revealed the Oldham Times recently.

The planning authority objected that the planned holiday lodges would look like “bungalows” and be a blot on the landscape.

The good news is that the current touring caravan pitches will no longer have to make way for more static caravans.

Wild camping: Drivers must not break little-known travel rule

Beware of running foul of the so-called “wild camping” laws in the UK that dictate where you can and cannot sleep overnight in your motorhome or campervan, warns a story in the Express newspaper on the 24th of September.

Reminding readers that they certainly cannot just pull up on the street and sleep wherever their vehicle stops, the newspaper reminds motorhome owners that they must always secure the permission of the landowner before parking for an overnight stay.

Advance preparation by booking a pitch on a recognised campsite is always recommended.