Caravan Insurance Liability Cover Video

So why do have a Liability Cover on my insurance?

To be honest, even if your caravan has a really low value, on the liability side it’s probably the best value for money part of the policy. Whether it’s a static or touring caravan, in the event of someone trying to make a claim against you, say for example someone comes into your caravan and trips over, and tries to blame you for them having an injury, the Liability Cover would kick in and they would defend that claim for you.

An example of a claim that we have had, is where the touring caravan that’s unattached to the vehicle, and it rolled downhill and it knocked down a man and it broke his arm. If you didn’t have caravan insurance you would be facing that claim yourself. The claim was over £40 000 and we happily paid it out under the liability section of the touring caravan policy. So it’s a really, really important part of your cover.

In fact a lot of sites now won’t let you onto their site unless you can prove that you have at least Liability Cover for your caravan, and all of our policies include that automatically.