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Discounts on Static Caravan Insurance Prices

You may typically only start to think about static caravan insurance prices when your policy needs to be renewed.

Simply rushing to renew your existing cover, however, without getting a few static insurance quotes, may mean you could miss out if there have been any changes in the insurance marketplace.

You may find, for example, that some providers may offer discounted premiums in certain circumstances, which could have a significant impact on static caravan insurance prices.

Some points to look out for may include:

  • you may believe that getting a static caravan insurance quote is a waste of time because your site manager insists that you purchase caravan insurance from them. Contrary to what you may think though, in just about every case, you are under no obligation to purchase their insurance. In fact, if you shop around you may find a more cost effective policy – even if you then have to pay an administration fee to the site owner;
  • with many static sites closing over the winter months, some static caravan insurance policies may have terms and conditions relating to sensible precautions that may help keep your static caravan that bit safer through the closed season. This could include things like draining down heating and water systems and ensuring that your caravan is securely tethered;
  • locating your caravan on a site which has a history of flooding may obviously bring an increased risk of your static being damaged in a flooding incident. This would be bad news, not just for you but also for us. That’s why you may find that discounts may be available on static caravan insurance prices if you use a site which has a flood-free history;
  • awnings may be another area which merit specific mention in static caravan insurance policies, as these may be particularly vulnerable to storm damage. So you may find that you are asked to stow your awning away whenever you leave your static, as any damage to the awning may not be covered if you were absent at the time it happened;
  • while awnings are undoubtedly a valuable addition to caravan living space, they can never be described as secure areas. You may find, therefore, that belongings and contents left there are specifically excluded from cover.

Taking a bit of time to compare a few static caravan insurance quotes does not have to be an arduous task. You can do your searching online or over the telephone and have the information you need to make an informed choice very quickly indeed.

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