8 caravan space-saving tips

It’s your home away from home – but if only you had the same amount of space in which to fit all your creature comforts.

Any space-saving tips are likely to prove most welcome – so here are 8 of them:

1. Storage, storage … and yet more storage

  • if there’s one thing you’re unlikely to get enough of, it’s extra storage space in your caravan;
  • a Pinterest user has come up with no fewer than 172 of them – so browse through the well-illustrated page to see which of them are likely to be suitable for your own purposes;

2. Plastic boxes

  • call them storage cubes, tubs, or what you will, but stackable plastic boxes extend the volume of storage space available and may keep clothing, handy devices, and all manner of odds and end all up together and out of the way;
  • clearly, if you keep the same kinds of items together in their own separate storage box, you’ll know where to look and find them more easily, suggest caravan park owners Pure Leisure;

3. Collapse it

  • anything capable of collapsing, so that you can stow it away until you need it, is going to take up less space;
  • pop-up laundry baskets, clothes horses and ironing boards are just some of the collapsible gadgets that spring to mind;

4. Hang your shoes

  • do you find that everyone’s shoes tend to end up in a jumbled heap at the bottom of a wardrobe – or just anywhere on the floor?
  • a simple and effective way of keeping better order – and saving space – is to buy a hanging shoe rack;
  • It’s not only great for shoes, but its pockets provide equally handy storage for items such as toiletries and cleaning products;

5. Peg it

  • hooks and pegs you can hang anywhere – on the walls of your caravan, on wardrobe and cupboard doors – to provide handy places on which to hang beach towels, hats and clothes, dishcloths and the like;
  • if you prefer to keep all this in the one place, you might fix a pegboard in a convenient place and keep all those frequently used items all up together;

6. Magnetic strips

  • you probably use one in your kitchen at home, so why not fix one above the space in the galley of your caravan;
  • knives, kitchen utensils and scissors are kept neatly out of the way – and you’ll always know just where to find them;

7. Nest them

  • another trick for saving space in the kitchen or galley is to make sure that your bowls, plates and dishes nest together, rather than awkwardly shaped items taking up their own individual space in the cupboard below or above the sink;

8. Suspend it

  • you don’t have to turn your caravan into the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but there may be some unobtrusive areas where you can hang extra storage space from the ceiling;
  • a small hanging wardrobe, food storage cupboard or extra shelving can be hung from the unused space and keep things well out of the way.

Increasing the storage space in your caravan is likely to prove a God-send. It helps to keep everything neatly in its proper place, rarely costs much to buy, and might help make your tourer more of a home from home.