Crafty caravan tips part 2

Remember the crafty caravan tips we unveiled just a short time ago? Well, now we’ve found some more clever tips and tricks for making life in your caravan smoother!

Tic-Tac two

  • familiar to caravanners or anyone looking to calm restive kids on a long car journey, the small Tic-Tac mints are a favourite go-to;
  • when you’ve done with the sucking and the mints are gone, the small plastic box with a flappable lid can double up as the ideal container for cooking spices;

(Yesterday’s) morning paper

  • wet shoes can be a menace when you’re enjoying the outdoor life – and keeping them dry can be a challenge;
  • before you go to bed at night, therefore, scrunch up some newspaper and stuff it inside those wet shoes and they’ll be dry come the morning – you’ll have to buy a new newspaper, though;

Toilet rolls – kept rolled

  • to stop your toilet paper from unravelling when you’re on the move, simply slip an elastic band over it and it will stop your toilet roll from – well, unrolling;

Bin and recycle

  • ever feel that you’ve got more rubbish to throw out than you have bins to put it in?
  • just stick a couple of suction-cup hooks, a few inches apart, on the outside of your caravan and hang a plastic carrier bag from them – remember to recycle the contents when the bag’s full and always bring it in before bedtime to stop any wild animals helping themselves to your rubbish;

Sponged ice

  • a cheaper alternative to buying expensive ice packs, suggests Allens Caravans, is to soak a sponge in water, pop it in a Ziplock bag, and freeze it – you’ll stay cool and dry while the ice in the sponge slowly melts;

Home cooking – away from home

  • everyone likes home-cooked meals, and your caravan is a home away from home, of course;
  • rather than putting your culinary skills constantly to the test in the restricted confines of your galley, prepare and cook as many of those meals in advance, when you are still at home, ready to just warm and eat when you’re away, suggests the Caravan Helper;


  • the petrol-based lighters you are probably using to start your barbecue are hardly the most environmentally-friendly way of going about things;
  • as an eco-friendly alternative, try putting a small lump of charcoal in each of the compartments of an empty dozen-egg carton – it will burn long enough for the charcoal to catch and, when it does, simply add more fuel;


  • if the threshold of your caravan or under its awning is plagued by a steady stream of pesky ants, a piece in Country Living on the 3rd of June 2020 offered a host of natural, eco-friendly way of deterring them;
  • apparently, ants hate the smell of citrus fruits, coffee grounds, peppermint oil, cinnamon, vinegar, black pepper, and chalk – use any of these to block their path and send them on their way;

Home deliveries

  • for fairly obvious reasons, 2020 has seen a surge in supermarket deliveries to house-bound customers;
  • you might want to remember just how convenient it was to shirk those trips to the grocery store the next time you are away in your caravan – some of the major supermarkets will deliver direct to your camping site, reveals a thread on TripAdvisor, but remember to place your order in good time.

Ever resourceful, you can rely on caravanners to come up with a fairly constant stream of craft tips for making life easier!