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Does cheap caravan insurance cover really exist?

Cheap caravan insurance cover, if you measure it by the price you pay, may well exist but looking for it may result in cover that is not completely suitable for your needs:

  • to begin with, it is necessary to remember that what proves to be cheap for one particular person may not prove to be so for another if it is subsequently shown to be unsuitable for their requirements;
  • to take an example, some insurance policies for touring caravans may have stated maximum annual mileage limits that may be simply too low for your needs and therefore the fact that it is cheap caravan insurance cover, may be something of no relevance to you whatsoever;
  • the extent to which policies offer discounts for certain behaviours may also make a significant difference to the final price (as opposed to the advertised headline price) of your cover – to give an illustration, if you are able to garage your caravan rather than park it on the public road when not in use, you may find that some policies might be able to offer a discount;
  • although a policy’s terms and conditions are sometimes perceived to be only red tape, in fact, they are typically extremely important and need to be read carefully as they may affect the outcome of any future claims – you may find that a policy which appears to have a low price, may have elements of its terms and conditions that are simply incompatible with the way you use your caravan;
  • of course, the price of a policy is inevitably a subject of key interest to caravanners. However, the price of your policy will play no part whatsoever in any future claims you may be forced to make and the only point of relevance in such situations will be the caravan cover provided – it is therefore typically a good idea to concentrate on this area when choosing a policy, at least initially, then considering the price only once you have established that the policy is suitable for your needs;
  • so, cheap caravan insurance cover may well be relatively easily found but a focus on cost-effectiveness rather than absolute price, may be advisable.