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How much is caravan insurance?

The cost of caravan insurance may vary significantly depending on a number of factors:

  1. the type of caravan you own and its value;
  2. where you have chosen to site it, if it is a static or park home. Some sites may be defined as being higher risk than others, for example, in the case of a site with a known history of flooding;
  3. the value and nature of your contents.  Some policies may specifically exclude certain categories of contents from their cover or have strict maximum pay-out per item limits;
  4. the nature of any security devices you have installed;
  5. the facilities of an individual site.  In fact, some policies may not cover static caravans situated on unregulated sites or those which do not have a full range of mains facilities;
  6. whether or not you use your vehicle for commercial purposes.  Note that even if you rent out your caravan for a few days here and there each year, you may be making any personal cover you have invalid.  In such circumstances, you may need some form of commercial cover, which typically may be more expensive than ordinary recreational use policies;
  7. in the case of touring caravans, the ages and backgrounds of drivers.  Some policies may allow drivers of any age to tow the caravan, some may not and others may have upper and lower standard ages which if exceeded, may incur additional costs.  Policies might typically also have higher premiums in situations where an insured driver has motoring convictions;
  8. the discounts offered.  Some providers may offer discounts for a number of things including, for example, loyalty in the form of annual renewals;
  9. in the case of tourers, motorhomes, trailer tents and collapsible vehicles, your annual mileages and whether or not you plan to go outside of the UK (some policies may offer extensive EU cover as standard).

Whatever your position, it is typically sensible to conduct a caravans insurance comparison before making your final decision.  At Cover4Caravans, that is something we would welcome the opportunity to help you with.

Such a comparison just might help you obtain a cost-effective solution to your insurance needs.