Important message to our customers regarding caravan storage

This is an important reminder to our customers that if you change storage location for your Touring Caravan, you MUST inform us immediately.

Failure to do so may invalidate your Insurance Policy.

Where can I store my van?

It is imperative that we have the correct information relating to where your Touring Caravan is stored to ensure that it is kept at a secure, insurer-approved location. We approve various locations including but not limited to: CaSSOA Storage Sites, Home Driveways, dedicated caravan storage sites etc.

Leaving your Touring Caravan in unsecure places such as communal parking areas, pub car parks, a friend’s field etc. leaves it vulnerable to theft and damage. In fact, because of the high risk of loss or damage, typically no caravan insurance provider will agree to insure a Touring Caravan that is stored at an unsecure and unofficial location such as these.

Don’t delay, contact us!

If you have recently moved your Touring Caravan to a new storage location and have not informed us, please call us today on 01702 606301.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions relating to any aspect of your cover, a simple ‘phone call is all it takes.

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