Making a Claim From Your Policy

So you’ve purchased a new policy or renewed your current policy and received shiny new documents, which I’m sure you’re going to put in a safe place, after thoroughly reading of course!

Now I’m quite sure that you have no intention of making a claim under your policy but let’s face it accidents happen and this is where your shiny new documents come in handy, now I’m not trying to suggest for one second your documents have the ability to transform and fix your caravan that would be ridiculous!

They do however contain some very important information, which will be useful to keep to hand.

  • Our Telephone Number: 01702 606301 – Just in case your documents are still in that safe place
  • Your Brokers Reference
  • Your Policy Number

AmTrust Claims Department 0115 934 9818

Now in the (unlikely) event a claim occurs and we are not available, you can contact the insurer directly;

All aside on a serious note the wonderful staff at Cover4 are always striving to provide the best claims experience possible as this is why you brought the insurance! So as a Cover4 customer our pledge to you is:

We will try to

  • Make your claims process smooth
  • Make your claims process  transparent
  • Provide an efficient service to the insurer which will in turn speed up the claim (fingers crossed)

Bare in mind at any point during your claim you can speak to your dedicated account handler if you want to, if not anyone on the team can help.

Please don’t be afraid to call, we get bored when the phones not ringing.