Do you need caravan insurance?

Have you ever asked “do I really need caravan insurance?”

It’s a perfectly legitimate question, so let’s examine the issues.

The value of your caravan

For most people, their caravan represents a very significant sum in terms of their overall personal wealth. As a result, anything that puts their caravan at risk is also going to put the capital that’s tied up in it, at risk too.

Ultimately, this boils down to a question of your finances. If your caravan suffered a major disaster, would you be happy to take the write-off against your own bank account or would you prefer to have the financial assistance that comes with touring caravan insurance to help cushion the blow?

If you’re in the latter category, then you may consider touring caravan insurance to be a must.

The car insurance myth

An important clarification is required here due to the sentiment that’s sometimes heard that “my car insurance covers my caravan”.

Typically, this is incorrect or perhaps more accurately, only a partial understanding of the facts.

As a general rule, your standard car policy may cover your car plus whatever you’re towing. It would be advisable to validate that by reading your car’s insurance cover.

Assuming that’s the case, it’s worth noting that you may find that such cover only applies to your touring caravan:

  • while it’s hitched to your car. The moment you un-hitch, the cover may cease;
  • while your caravan is under tow on a public highway. Once you take it off the public road, such as onto a site, the cover may again cease;
  • your caravan even when meeting other conditions, is only covered for third party liability risks.

To give two practical illustrations:

  • typically, if you reverse your caravan into another vehicle on the public road, your car’s insurance might (but do verify that) cover your third-party liability. Any damage caused to your caravan might not be covered;
  • typically, if you caravan is unhitched and on site, should it be destroyed by a flash flood your car insurance typically won’t help.

The legal dimension

The site owners may have a legal right and very possibly a regulatory obligation, to ensure that caravans using their facilities have full third-party liability insurance cover as a minimum. They may be entitled to inspect yours and refuse you entry if you were unable to produce evidence of adequate cover.


The law itself does not explicitly require you to have unique touring caravan insurance per se. It does require your caravan to be covered for third party liability while on the pubic road.

However, in terms of protecting your own finances and respecting the requirements of many sites, it only makes sense to put such cover into place. Given the relatively modest cost of many forms of touring caravan insurance, there doesn’t seem to be any obvious justification for not doing so.

If you’d like to know more of why such caravan insurance cover might be exceptionally important to you, just contact an established expert provider of caravan insurance. They’ll welcome your enquiry.