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Need to work while in a caravan? Here’s our quick guide to WiFi

The moment you hitch up your caravan to the car or set off to your holiday home caravan park, one the last things you might want to think about is the work you are leaving behind.

In this day and age of more or less permanent communication, however, there are times when you still need to work whilst on holiday – and when work means rather more than the relatively limited functions of a smartphone or tablet.

Since few laptops are yet to come installed with a 3G communication function, you are typically limited to hooking up to the internet only through a WiFi access point.

When you are out of range of such publicly accessible Wifi points, however, number of alternative options exist:


  • The affectionately named dongle is a way of adding a SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card to your laptop through a USB connection;
  • as PC Advisor points out, dongles are currently available for either or both 3G and 4G connection to the internet;
  • a dongle may be bought quite separately, with your choice of mobile broadband operator through the use of a SIM card only deal, or directly from the network operator;


  • this is the name given to “My WiFi”;
  • you might want to think of it as a portable wireless router – like the one you are probably using at home;
  • in just the same way, MiFi has the ability to link a number of wireless devices to the internet through the same internet connection;
  • MiFi also comes in the shape of a different kind of dongle, which again slots into a USB socket of your laptop, to provide mobile routing for any device within approximately 30 feet of the router;
  • effectively, therefore, you are creating your own mobile WiFi hotspot and one that offers considerably faster internet connection than that provided by your smartphone or tablet on a 3G network;
  • MiFi dongles are also available as a separate, standalone device, using a SIM card only arrangement, or may be rented from the mobile network operator of your choice – you might want to beware, however, that some operators may “lock” your MiFi device in just the same way that operator-supplied phones may be locked into that operator’s network;


  • a further option is to use your smartphone as the principal connection for your laptop to the internet;
  • by tethering your smartphone and laptop in this way, you may access either 3G or 4G networks (if these are in range and available on your phone), using the phone’s access to the internet;
  • as already mentioned, however, this is likely to provide a less rapid connection speed than using a dongle and/or MiFi arrangement.

Like it or not, therefore, there is probably no escape from the ability to work whilst enjoying the comforts of your caravan – whether it is a tourer or a static second home. WiFi communications give you the chance to stay abreast of whatever is happening on the work front and allow you to continue to make your own contribution to what needs to be done.