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Over 60s touring caravan insurance

If you are an older youngster looking for touring caravan insurance, you may have found it difficult or even too expensive to get covered on the terms offered by some insurers.  You may find that some companies will simply refuse to insure you, while others will try and charge you ridiculously high premiums as soon as you hit that magic number of 60.

These providers sometimes appear to have overlooked the many years’ experience you have in touring may far outweigh that of younger caravanners – who may not be charged as much for their cover. That is why at Cover4Caravans, we’ve added a question to our website asking about how many years’ you have been towing vans as we believe experience is key. Not all insurance providers see things that way.

The risks

In terms of touring caravan cover, it might, at first sight, seem reasonable that some providers start to regard the risks of various forms of accident increasing because of your age.

However, what many people point out, is that, to some extent, those risks can be offset by the greater awareness and experience that comes with increasing age.  This has been recognised for some time and is supported by personal experience relating to the typically relatively small numbers of more mature drivers who are guilty of driving recklessly.

By the time you are in your 60’s, you are probably long past the stage where you enjoy counting off your birthdays as they arrive. Unfortunately, though, some insurers still seem to take delight in it.

The response by some insurers

All things being considered, many older drivers probably accept that they may need to pay a little more for their insurance cover, but most certainly do object when the increases are entirely disproportionate and unrealistic.

Some insurance providers appear to adopt an approach consisting of trying to discourage applications from those over 60 and others seem to see it as an excuse to crank up their premiums.

Fortunately, at Cover4Caravans, we are not ageist!  We offer what we feel is affordable cover, no matter what your age. We do not impose age limits – upper or lower – on our tourer insurance, and we are happy to offer caravan cover for the over 60’s, over 70’s and even the over 80’s!

There is one other thing that people are typically known for as they get older – and that is being more discerning in their purchasing decisions.

So, if you feel that you are currently getting a raw deal from your insurance provider simply because you are over 60, then it might be about time you looked at how we can help.

Caravan cover for the over 60s

All of our customers – regardless of age – can benefit from one of our tourer policies, which share the following features in common:

  • 240-280 days continental cover as standard;
  • discounts on your premiums – if you are a member of a recognised caravanning club, for example, or agree to store your caravan at CaSSOA-approved site;
  • a low policy excess (the excess is the first part of any successful claim that you are financially liable for);
  • payment by credit card or direct debit so you can spread the cost; and
  • no age limit on the caravan but older caravans will be insured at market value only, as stated in the Glass’s Guide.

As you can see from the snapshot of policy benefits above, we work hard to make sure you get the most cost-effective cover for your tourer and at a price that meets your budget.

That prompts a few more points you might want to consider when thinking about the price you pay for your caravan insurance.

Thinking about the price of your caravan cover

It’s perfectly natural to think carefully about expenditure and to look for some of the most attractive deals possible on your caravan insurance.

In that connection, here at Cover4Caravans we often receive enquiries asking the question, how much is caravan insurance?

Of course, we are always only too pleased to offer quotations and we pride ourselves on being very aware of the need for cost-effective solutions. But it is equally important to try and think about cost in context.

The harsh reality of life is that if you need to call upon your insurance policy at some time in the future for financial support following a problem, then the only thing that is going to be important to you is the cover it provides.  It may be quite safe to predict that in such a situation you certainly won’t be focusing all of your attention on how much you have paid for your policy to date.

What this means is that something you might consider to be a bargain at the time you take out your cover might prove to be anything but if you subsequently discover that it doesn’t cover the circumstances surrounding a potential claim.

This is not for one second trying to suggest that cost-effective solutions necessarily equate to massive compromises in terms of the depth of cover provided.

The point being made is merely that setting out to ask how much cover is going to cost, intending to find the very cheapest possible policy you can, might not be in your long-term best interests.

What is important is that you are confident that the cover provided meets your views of the risks you face and the practical way you use your caravan.

It is also important that you fully understand the terms and conditions of any caravan insurance policy, as they are what may ultimately decide the success or failure of a claim, should you need to make one.

So, perhaps understanding your risks and how you wish a policy to help protect you from the financial consequences they pose, is perhaps a better way to look for cover initially than simply asking for the price.

We are here to help!

We are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide a no-obligation quote. Alternatively, if you would rather talk to one of our team of experts, then please feel free to call us on 01702 606301 during office hours. We will be happy to help.