Security devices for your static home

This month is National Home Security Month (NHSM) which is a timely reminder that static caravans have one major thing in common with more conventional properties – they are both potential targets for burglars and other criminals.

Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to deter these criminals.

A quick review of burglar’s psychology

Before looking at some of the concrete measures you might be able to take to better protect your property, it’s worth thinking a little about the typical burglar’s inclination.

The vast majority of such criminals are opportunist. That means they are looking for spontaneous opportunities to easily access a static caravan in order to steal the contents.

As a result, they are always on the lookout for things such as open doors and windows, tools left lying around outside (which might be used to gain entry) and potential access points that appear to have no or only limited security.

Anything you do to visibly secure your caravan is likely to deter large numbers of potential burglars. They will typically move on, looking for caravans that are more vulnerable, meaning less risk of discovery.

So it only makes sense to install approved professional locks and bolts on all of your doors and windows and to make sure that you don’t help burglars unintentionally by leaving tools lying around outside which they might otherwise use against those same security bolts.

High-tech Solutions

You also have the option of installing (or having installed), solutions involving a combination of burglar alarms and cameras.

Burglar alarms have been around for a long time and are now very sophisticated. More recently, cameras and video technology have been added to them.

Today the cameras are very small and easy to hide around your caravan. Some such as Blink (an Amazon company) can link directly to the internet and will notify you on your phone if they’ve detected someone moving around your property when it should be empty. They may even be able to use infrared sensors to detect movement in the dark and to film the intruders!

These types of solutions may be installed on a DIY basis or by a professional security solutions provider. Some solutions providers might augment their provision of security systems with regular patrols and rapid response services.

Insurance issues

Some static caravan insurance providers may require you to take certain minimum security precautions.

Requirements for you to fit locks and bolts to certain minimum standards might be regularly found in policies. In some cases, policies might also require you to use more advanced solutions and in and some instances they may also extend their specified security conditions to include aspects of the services provided by the site’s owners.


Few if any static caravan owners wish to consider trying to turn their property into an impenetrable citadel. However, a balance must be struck between avoiding doing so and making it terrifyingly easy for thieves to enter.

The level of the measures you choose to adopt will be driven partly by any requirements that might be specified in your static caravan insurance policy and perhaps the extent to which you wish to ensure that the contents of your static are protected.

If you have any doubts about the potential solutions available to you, it would be worth speaking with a local intrusion prevention specialist.