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Static caravan insurance FAQs

Do I need static caravan insurance?

There is no legal requirement for you to have insurance for your static caravan, but:

  • the requirement may be a condition of the lease agreement at the park on which the caravan is berthed; and
  • static caravan insurance naturally offers the safeguards you are likely to want to protect your investment against all manner of loss or damage.

What lease conditions call for insurance?

When you sign the lease allowing you to site your caravan on ground at a particular park or resort, there is almost certain to be a condition relating to your need for a minimum of public liability insurance.

This is designed to provide your indemnity against claims that may be made by those on neighbouring pitches, visitors to the site or members of the general public who suffer an injury or have their own property damaged through action – or inaction – for which they hold you responsible.

Since this type of claim – especially if serious injury, or even death is involved – may assume very significant proportions, public liability insurance typically offers at least Β£1 million of cover, and not infrequently, Β£5 million.

Do I have to buy that insurance from the park management?

Although there may be a condition in your lease requiring some form of insurance for your static caravan and your ownership of it, it is very rare for any site management to insist that the cover may only be bought from the park management – although it is equally certain to be offered to you.

Instead, you are likely to be free to choose to buy your static caravan insurance from wherever you choose – including ourselves here at Cover4Caravans, of course – and simply furnish a copy of the insurance document to the site management company as proof of your cover. (Note that the site manager may charge you a fee to see sight of your cover, but overall, you should still save money).

Issues involving conflicts between owners and site management about the scope and level of insurance have been taken up in the past by the Financial Ombudsman Service.

What are the principal elements of static caravan insurance?

In addition to any public liability cover, of course, is protection for your caravan itself against loss or damage.

There may be considerable variation in the benefits offered by different insurers. For increased peace of mind, for instance, you might want to choose a policy that provides for the replacement of your caravan with a new one of equivalent make and model in the event of a total loss – this is typically restricted to caravans below a certain age and you might want to choose a policy that offers this benefit for the longest period possible.

What steps do I need to take to mitigate the risks of loss or damage?

A typical condition of your static caravan insurance relates to the security measures you are required to take.

These may range from the need to lock windows and doors whenever you leave the caravan unattended and you may gain reductions in the cost of premiums by upgrading those locks and by installing fire alarms and intruder detectors.

Other conditions may extend to ways in which you must ensure the security of your caravan and minimise the risk of loss or damage when it is left unoccupied for any length of time – say, during the park’s closed or winter season.