The strangest things seen on the pitch by our customers!

You certainly see some sights when you’re out and about with your caravan. We recently asked some of our customers what are some of the strangest things they’ve witnessed whist setting up on their campsite, as well as visited some other caravan websites for their customer stories …

Laundry for the birthday suit

  • just when we thought we’d seen and heard it all, for instance, so one of our correspondents wrote in about the stark naked camper deciding to take a shower under the communal, public cold water tap in the middle of the site;
  • seems that he was off to the party in a clean birthday suit at least;

Winter wonderland

  • in fact, there seems to be something of a connection between caravanning and just stripping off when the fancy takes you;
  • proving that outings in your caravan can be just as much fun in the winter time, neighbouring campers reported watching a full scale snowball fight between nude teams!

Soaking it up

  • of course, you don’t have to leave any of your indulgent creature comforts at home when you’re on a caravanning expedition;
  • one couple spied an inviting, inflatable hot tube under a nearby caravan awning;

Animal crackers

  • but they’re not the only domestic animals campers have spied being taken for a walk – the varied menagerie includes cats, parrots, a rabbit and even a pygmy pig;
  • turns out, the structure was a hutch in which the aforementioned rabbit was holidaying, before being taken out for a stroll on its leash;

Keeping fit

  • caravanners tend to be a pretty healthy, outdoor bunch, but some people might be taking an obsession with keeping fit just a step too far;

Not for a weak stomach

  • whilst many of the strange and bizarre sights are likely to raise a smile or a laugh, some are probably downright stomach-churning;
  • take the campers who spotted a man in sitting in the shade of an orchard, reading his book – but sat on a chemical toilet;
  • some sights are probably enough to put you right off your morning bowl of cornflakes.

Let us know of any other strange, bizarre or questionable sights you might have the fortune – or misfortune – to have witnessed whilst out and about in your caravan.