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Top tips to save on your insurance renewal

Whether you have just bought your first caravan, have exchanged one for another or are coming up to an annual renewal date, insurance is likely to be one of your top priorities for protecting your investment.

Whilst ensuring that you arrange the cover, there may still be ways and means that you do not spend more than you need.

Here are our top tips to save on your insurance renewal:

Ask the experts

  • finding the caravan cover you need is not just about understanding the particular kind of caravan you have, but also knowing the insurance market itself and the range of products available;
  • even in the niche market of caravan insurance, the choice is likely to be very broad;
  • in order to make sure that you are matching your actual needs to the particular, most cost effective and competitively priced policies available, you might want to consult a specialist caravan insurance provider;


  • you are probably familiar with the concept of an excess – both compulsory and voluntary – when insuring your car;
  • when insuring your caravan, too, you might want to consider taking on an additional voluntary excess in order to share the risks and thereby reduce the cost of your premiums;

Play your part

  • as with any kind of insurance contract, there is an onus of responsibility on the insured to take all reasonable precautions to help minimise the risks of loss or damage;
  • for a touring caravan in particular there are a number of ways in which you may do this;
  • an important example – and one which your insurer may insist upon – is that both wheel clamps and hitchlocks are used when the caravan is left unattended but attached to the towing vehicle and that wheel clamps are also fitted when it is unhitched;
  • whilst you may be reasonably expected to ensure that doors, windows and roof lights are all properly secured and locked when you leave the caravan, you might also want to consider installing intruder alarms and/or motion detectors for greater security – and the possibility of further reductions in the cost of your insurance premiums;


  • it is also worth remembering that the more you do to ensure that your caravan remains secure whilst it is in storage, the more you are able to help minimise any risks – and, so again, enjoy the possibility of a further reduction in premiums;
  • one of the most effective and safest ways of ensuring this degree of security, for example, may lie in overwintering or storing your caravan at a site registered and approved by the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSOA) – which ranks member sites according to the level of security provided. We offer a 10% discount on the cost of cover if your caravan is stored at a CaSSOA-approved site.

You may rightly set great store in the importance of insurance for your caravan – it may prove one of the most effective ways of protecting your investment. At the same time, however, you might want to take advantage of the experience and expertise gained by a specialist caravan insurance provider to ensure that the cover you arrange appropriately meets your needs – and does so in a way that allows you to save on the costs.