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Water, water everywhere

The title is borrowed from a famous Coleridge poem called The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner but unfortunately this is a real world rather than a literary issue.

It probably won’t have escaped your attention that flooding over recent years appears to be becoming more and more commonplace.  Scientists are enjoying themselves arguing about whether this is due to global warming or not and if it is, just what role human intervention is playing in the problem.

Interesting as that debate is, the issues for caravan owners are rather more pragmatic.

What may be indisputable is:

  1. many caravan sites are located in a low lying areas either directly adjacent to large areas of water or indeed the coast and sea itself;
  2. the news broadcasts over recent years have regularly featured worrying shots of caravans of being swept away in torrents of water;
  3. this problem is highly unlikely to vanish in the near future.

So, what options do caravan owners have in this area?

One obvious point is, of course, to try and select sites that are not in the sort of high flood-risk areas as outlined above.

You may be able to form some views in that respect by consulting the local authorities in the area, local press outlets and the environment agency.  Some insurance providers may also be able to give you some indication as to their perception of the flood risks for the site concerned.

You might also wish to look closely at an individual pitch on a site.  Some sites may be relatively well positioned from a flood risk point of view but have a few pitches that are in lower lying areas or adjacent to rivers etc.

If this all sounds slightly intensive, remember that it may have a direct effect on your caravans insurance comparison. That’s because, unsurprisingly, your premiums may be considerably higher if insurance providers perceive your site to be high risk in flood terms.

Whatever your final position proves to be, it might be advisable to look carefully at your insurance policy anyway. Some may have total exclusion on flood risks, others may cover it but with numerous conditions and yet others may impose punitive additional premiums for caravans in flood risk areas.

What you may need to be particularly careful of is being in a caravan with a policy that specifically excludes flood risk because even on sites with no previous history of problems, flooding may arise unexpectedly.

At Cover4Caravans we will be only too happy to offer clarification on any of the above or related issues.