Where can I buy cheap static caravan insurance?

There’ll be many fond memories of all those long, warm summer days when you get away to your static caravan holiday home – it’s just one of the attractions of owning one and the reason why many are waiting to buy a static home

But spare a thought for the fact that your static home needs the protection of static caravan insurance, whether you are there enjoying it or not – come sunshine or rain, and the stormy weather and cold of those long winter months.

Whether you are arranging static caravan insurance for the first time, or a renewal date is coming up, now might be the ideal time to give some thought to the nature and extent of the insurance you need. For example, what is the most suitable static home cover to suit your particular needs and circumstances? And, crucially, where can you buy cheap static caravan insurance?

What makes it suitable?

Whenever you are buying insurance, one of your biggest concerns is likely to be whether it provides suitable cover.

That is especially likely to be the case with static caravan insurance since it is a specialist type of insurance, needed to ensure that you continue to get maximum enjoyment from your holiday home while ensuring it is adequately protected.

Here at Cover4Caravans, we are fully committed to your securing the most appropriate caravan insurance, with a policy that matches your particular, individual needs and requirements. We do so in the knowledge that it might not always be the cheapest static home insurance that makes it suitable, so as much as possible we select and tailor our policies accordingly to exactly meet your coverage needs  – and your budget.

Site owner’s cover

Sometimes, it might not even cross your mind to ask what does static home insurance cover.

One reason for that may be the offer of insurance you get from the management of the site on which your holiday home is berthed. Perhaps they know best what static caravan insurance is going to meet your needs and requirements?

That might seem the reasonable thing to assume – but it’s worth giving it more than a second thought before rushing to buy it.

The site management of your caravan park may have the right to insist that you have suitable public liability indemnity insurance to cover the risk of injury or property damage suffered by your neighbours on the site, their visitors, members of the public. But it is most unusual these days for the management to demand that you buy such insurance exclusively from them.

Here is a summary of the current position:

  • site owners may be within their rights to insist that you have third-party liability insurance as a minimum form of cover for your static caravan. They may also have a right to ask you to furnish the evidence. Making a modest charge for inspecting and copying your insurance certificate might be reasonable enough;
  • in typical situations, the site owners do not have a legal right to insist that you purchase their cover.

Shop around

One of the leading park owners in the UK, Park Resorts, for example, mentions the importance of static caravan insurance – especially if there are times when your holiday home is let to tenants – but doesn’t go on to say where you must buy such cover.

Since in most cases you are not legally obliged to have your site owner’s cover, this means you can shop around for protection and choose a policy that may be more appropriate and cost-effective for your needs.

Note: you may find that your site owner may charge a nominal fee to make sure you have the correct element of liability insurance if you source your own policy, but even then, you can often still make savings on the cost of your static home insurance.

Since there is more than one market for insurance for your holiday home and, to make sure you get the cover that matches your particular needs and requirements at a competitive price, it is almost certainly worthwhile shopping around.

Here at Cover4Caravans, for instance, we have more than 70 years’ of expertise and experience in the insurance market. It has helped us to build up a clear picture of what our many customers require, matching those needs to bespoke insurance solutions, available from our network of partners across this section of the insurance industry.

That is our role as an entirely independent insurance broker – and the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) gives ten very good reasons for using one. An independent broker is able to spot areas of cover which you might have overlooked, offer you free and impartial advice in choosing your static caravan insurance, give you help in making any claim that might need to be made – and suggest competitively-priced products which are available only to brokers rather than the market as a whole.

Factors determining the suitability of static home cover

In the process of comparing static caravan insurance, you might want to consider several factors likely to determine its suitability:


  • we may help you arrive at an accurate and realistic valuation of your static caravan;
  • if you under-estimate its value, you run the risk of underinsurance, and a settlement figure that is insufficient to cover the caravan’s replacement in the event of a total loss – but if you are over-insured, you are paying more in premiums than you might otherwise need;


  • many static caravans make ideal holiday homes which may be let to visitors;
  • if that is your plan, make sure to include it in the static caravan insurance you arrange – even if covering the extra risks mean a small increase in your insurance premiums;
  • by the same token, if you declare that you have no such intentions, you might make a saving on the cost of your premiums;

Public liability

  • it has already been mentioned that your park managers are likely to insist on the inclusion of public liability cover in your static caravan insurance – for the protection of other users and visitors to the park;
  • it is essential because it indemnifies you against claims from neighbours, their visitors or members of the public who may be injured or have their property damaged through some contact with your caravan and the claim that you have been a negligent owner;


  • make the most of whatever discounts certain providers of static caravan insurance might offer you.

To facilitate your comparison of static caravan insurance online, we can make the searches on your behalf. You might also want to get the views of other owners of static caravans by taking a look at the Static Caravan Club website, for example, or the discussion forum which has been running on Caravan Talk.

How static caravan insurance varies

By and large, static caravan insurance policies are likely to take one of two different forms:

  • those offering very basic cover at a headline price – policies which might seem attractive at first sight, but which might start increasing in price once you add more or less essential items of optional cover;
  • those that offer a high degree of comprehensive cover included as standard in the advertised price.

The latter policies, for example, might include as standard:

  • automatic new for old cover if your caravan is under a specified number of years of age, even if there have been multiple previous owners;
  • extended public liability cover;
  • cover for static caravans let out for income generation;
  • significant no claims discounts that can also reflect the same arising on your car or home insurance;
  • contents cover;
  • incentives through discounts for additional security measures you might install; etc.

How you use your static caravan

It is important to take into account the way in which you intend to use your holiday home whenever you compare static caravan insurance:

  • perhaps you use it quite infrequently for weekend breaks, say, and keep it furnished fairly basically;
  • or it might be used as a home-from-home which you regularly occupy for several weeks each year – keeping it furnished to a high standard;
  • it is sitting on a fully serviced and secure (24/7) site;
  • there is little or no security on site outside of office hours;
  • it might be positioned on a cliff site overlooking the sea or perhaps on a river bank inland;
  • you alone use it;
  • you sometimes let it out to others for holiday purposes.

In all these situations and others like them, your requirements and the type of cover you’ll need may vary from one case to another. So, you might want to take a reasonably flexible approach to use when arranging your static caravan insurance.

Recap of static home insurance essentials

  • safeguarding the holiday home itself – against loss or damage through exposure to risks such as storm damage, fire, flooding, impacts, theft and vandalism – lies at the heart of your insurance cover;
  • getting the appropriate cover is a combination of many factors, including the make and model of the caravan, its age, its location, and how you intend to use it (whether that’s for your own exclusive use, for example, or sometimes let to paying guests);
  • at Cover4Caravans, in the event of a successful claim following its total loss, we offer new for old cover on both static home and tourers up to 5 years old and regardless of the number of previous owners;
  • remember, too, that any major refit or refurbishment of your static caravan is likely to increase its value – when you may need to review the total sum insured;

Liability insurance

  • one of the elements of insurance frequently overlooked by owners of static caravans is the importance of liability insurance;
  • if someone injures themselves when visiting your holiday home, they may hold you liable (alleging that you failed to keep it in a safe state of repair, for instance) and claim damages in compensation;
  • alternatively, your static home may be responsible for damage caused to a neighbouring caravan (a piece of loose decking flies off and strikes your neighbour’s during a storm, for example) – again you may be held liable;
  • liability insurance is designed to provide indemnity against such claims – and the legal costs that may be involved in defending them;
  • your adequate liability insurance is also one of the principal concerns of most park managers – who share a responsibility for ensuring the safety of other residents and their visitors.

Finding the most suitable cover, therefore, relies on your clear understanding of what is static caravan insurance. Here at Cover4Caravans, not only are we able to help you gain that thorough understanding, but also shop around on your behalf, allowing you to compare static caravan insurance online, before arranging the most suitable cover to meet your particular needs and circumstances.