Is caravan insurance compulsory?

Like many straight forward questions, the answer may be both yes and no:

Touring caravans

  • there is no legal requirement for your touring caravan to be insured, although your car insurance may extend to third party cover for the trailer – for the protection of other road users and property owners who may suffer injury, loss or damage from the caravan you are towing;
  • but that third party cover only applies whilst your caravan is being towed on the road or in another public space, and offers you no compensation in the event of loss or damage to your caravan;
  • whilst not compulsory, therefore, you might consider it prudent, at the very least, to arrange touring caravan insurance;

Static caravans

  • by their very definition, static caravans are not going to be towed about behind your car, but remain pitched on your chosen park or resort;
  • although it may be free from road traffic accidents, however, your static caravan and its content remain at risk from some potentially devastating risks as fire, flooding, impacts, theft and vandalism – caravan insurance is your principal defence against such risks;
  • caravan insurance is not compulsory, but it is clearly a prudent decision to arrange the protection it provides;
  • in the case of a static caravan, however, there may be an exception to the compulsory need for insurance;
  • the management of the park or resort on which it is pitched may insist that you also buy caravan insurance at the same time that you are paying the annual lease fees;
  • subject to the express terms of your lease agreement, however, it is almost always possible to decline the management company’s offer and arrange insurance yourself – from a reputable provider such as ourselves at Cover4Caravans, for example;
  • nevertheless, it is not uncommon for lease agreements to include provisions that make some form of static caravan insurance compulsory – and if you have not bought it from the park’s management company, you may still need to show them proof that you have it;
  • what site managers are likely to be specifically interested in is provision within your caravan insurance for indemnity against public liability claims;
  • as the owner of the caravan, you already have a legal duty of care to take every reasonable precaution against neighbours, visitors to the park and members of the public from injuring themselves or having their property damaged through any kind of contact with your static caravan;
  • park owners have an interest in ensuring that you have sufficient insurance cover against such claims, so that anyone who is injured or has their property damaged is at least certain of the financial compensation provided for by your public liability insurance.

Although caravan insurance may not be compulsory, it remains your first line of defence in its protection against loss or damage. If yours is a static caravan, you are likely to find that the management of the park on which it is pitched, insist on a sight of insurance cover that provides public liability indemnity as a minimum.