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Making An Informed Choice – Static Caravan Insurance

Before you go ahead and buy the cheapest static caravan insurance that you can find, a couple of minutes reading through the policy details to make sure you understand what is and is not included, may be time well spent.

There may be two main reasons that this may be a good idea:

  • no two static caravan insurance policies are the same and if one is cheaper than another, it may be fairly understandable if you speculate that it is because the level of cover on offer may not be as extensive;
  • no two static caravanners are the same either and what someone else may consider to be adequate static caravan insurance may not provide you with the cover that you are looking for – you may be happy to pay more and still consider it the cheapest static caravan insurance.

Most static caravan insurance policies may have a common core of cover features. What makes one policy different to another, may typically be the limits at which cover starts or stops.

For example:

  • your static may have been damaged and your insurance providers agree a replacement. Whether you get this on a new for old or a market value basis will depend on your policy, the age of your caravan and how may owners it has had. Some policies may offer a new replacement caravan for statics up to five years old whereas some may have an age limit of three years. Of these, some may require you to have been the sole owner while others may provide new for old replacement if there have been multiple owners;
  • not all static insurance providers may offer cover if you have made a claim in the past – though others may do.

So to make a fairly obvious point, if you are a caravan owner with a static that is four years old and have made claims previously, then a quote which offers new for old replacement only for three year old vehicles or which does not provide cover for those with claims history, will be of no use to you – no matter how cheap it may be.

We may be able to offer you cover in these circumstances, which you may well consider to be the cheapest static caravan insurance.