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Your Static Caravan Insurance Quote

If it is getting round to annual renewal time for your static caravan insurance then you may wish to consider the merits of a static caravan insurance quote.

A static caravan insurance quote can help you:

  • to stay in touch with possible changes to general static caravan insurance trends;
  • ensure that your insurance for static caravans still represents the same value for money that it did when you first took it out;
  • make sure that your cover still matches how you use your static caravan.

This may be particularly true if you are in the habit of buying your static caravan insurance from your site owners for a number of reasons:

  • if your first thought is that there is little point in getting a static caravan insurance quote because you need to buy it from your site owners – then you may need to think again;
  • there is absolutely no obligation for you to do this;
  • your site may have every right to see proof that you have adequate caravan insurance and may legitimately charge an administration fee for having to deal with the paperwork relating to your own policy;
  • you may find that you can buy equivalent or even more suitable cover elsewhere and at a price that makes good economic sense even when you take the site admin fee into account.

Discounts may be another area that may form an important part of any static caravan quote. You may find that there are quite a few situations where these could be available including:

  • being a member of a recognised caravan club, which is often seen as a sign of maturity and responsibility by caravan insurers;
  • fitting security alarms and approved locks;
  • using a site where there is round the clock supervision;
  • using an approved storage facility for your caravan in the closed season;
  • opting for a site which has a good safety history as far as flooding is concerned.

In addition to this, you may need to bear in mind that any quote for static caravan insurance is likely to contain some terms and conditions that you may need to take note of, as failure to do so may invalidate any future claim.

These tend not to be particularly onerous however and may include things like:

  • making sure that you awning is stowed away whenever you leave your static, as any storm damage may not be covered if you were away at the time with your awning open;
  • ensuring that water and heating systems are drained down when the caravan is not in use and particularly over the winter months.

Getting a static caravan insurance quote will either put your mind at rest that you have cover appropriate for your needs or highlight areas where you could perhaps be doing better. Either way, what have you got to lose?