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Security For Your Touring Caravan Insurance

We know that the security requirements of many Touring Caravan Insurance Companies can be cumbersome and you are right in thinking that the security requirement is to simply avoid making a claim against your Touring Caravan insurance.

Of course you are right but no one wants to suffer the inconvenience of a theft and no one wants to see their Touring Caravan Insurance premium increase because of their own claim or more importantly because of other peoples claims.

All our Touring Caravan Insurance policies have the same security requirements – we have no hidden clauses and unlike many Touring Caravan Insurance Brokers we do not hide our small print.

Our Touring Caravan security requirement is set in stone and is as follows: –

Whenever your Touring Caravan is left unattended and detached you will make sure it cannot be moved by fitting a wheel clamp and a hitchlock. If it is left unattended while attached to the towing vehicle you must fit a wheel clamp.

We feel this requirement is clear, not misleading, and is a reasonable request.