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Touring Caravan Insurance Quotes

Just thinking about some of the things that could happen to your touring caravan, may give you an idea of the sort of cover features you should perhaps be looking out for – if you get a few touring caravan insurance quotes.

You may typically find that not all touring caravan policies will provide the same levels of cover.

Some may offer features, which provide a closer match to your requirements than others and so may give you more of that all-important peace of mind that your asset is protected.

Getting a few touring caravan insurance quotes to find the closest match for your own particular set of circumstances may therefore make good sense.

Safety first

You may find that some insurance providers regard the possible theft of your caravan as one of the most serious risks for your tourer. You may therefore also find that some policies include, as conditions of cover, that:

  • you fit a wheel clamp when you leave your caravan unattended and attached to the towing vehicle;
  • if you are off somewhere in your car and your tourer is therefore unattended and unattached to a vehicle, then you must also fit a hitchlock.

They may also offer incentives in the form of premium discounts if you:

  • can park your tourer off road on your driveway or in a garage when you are not using it;
  • fit approved alarms and or tracking devices.

Touring caravan insurance may typically provide cover for your awning but you may find that safety first applies here as well and that there may be special conditions relating to your responsibilities to try and protect your awning from the vagaries of the weather.

So you may find:

  • storm damage to your awning may only be covered if you’re are present in the caravan – so you may be required to stow your awning away when you are not;
  • you may also wish to bear in mind that awnings are not secure locations, so your belongings, apart from your garden furniture, may not be covered.

New for old on touring caravan insurance quotes

You may see from your touring caravan insurance quotes that different providers may have different criteria when it comes to new for old replacement of your caravan, should it be damaged beyond repair or stolen.

Typically you may find that the key factor will be the age of your caravan. Some policies may offer new for old replacement if your caravan is up to three or perhaps five years old, if you have been the sole owner. Other policies – such as ours – may not stipulate that you have to be the sole owner for new for old replacement, for tourers up to three years old.

Another feature that may interest you is the level of cover for caravanning abroad. Some policies may restrict use to the UK while with others, continental cover may come as standard. Annual mileage limits may also vary quite considerably.

These are just some of the differences that may be evident when you read through your touring caravan insurance quotes. They may make all the difference to you if something goes wrong.