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Touring Caravan Insurance Tips

There are many different providers of touring caravan insurance. Each one may offer slightly different levels of cover.

There are also many different touring caravan owners and the touring caravan insurance that each individual may require will depend on how they use their caravan.

What follows are a few tips on the sort of things you may need to think about to help you select the most appropriate caravan insurance policy for your tourer. They may also help you identify steps that you could take to reduce premiums.

Of course, if you have any questions or queries and would rather speak to a ‘live’ person about any of the points below, then please feel free to get in touch with the Cover4caravans friendly and professional team.

  • Caravan value. Be as accurate as possible about the value of your caravan. Bear in mind that if you undervalue to save a bit on your premium, then it will be this lesser value that will be used for the basis of any claim.
  • Contents. Be realistic about the value of the contents of your caravan. You may be surprised at just how much these would cost to replace. Think about the merits of new for old against market value.
  • UK or continent. If you never take your caravan out of the UK, then cover for caravans that includes continental cover is obviously something that you don’t need.
  • Wheel clamp and hitchlock. These two items may just be good commonsense security measures to take to help keep your caravan safe. If you have them you should use them and they may actually be required by some touring caravan insurance policies.
  • Tracking devices and alarms may help reduce the risk of theft or help retrieve your caravan if it is stolen.
  • Off road. You may have no option but to leave your touring caravan parked on the public highway. If you can use your driveway or garage, then your caravan may be a lot less at risk from theft or just accidental damage. You may also find that parking off road may attract a premium discount.
  • Overwinter. If you have no storage facilities yourself, then you may help keep your caravan safer if you move it to a secure site over the winter months.
  • Caravan club membership. There are caravan insurance providers who regard caravan club membership as a sign of a mature and responsible caravan owner and who will reward you with discounted premiums. Also, these clubs may often be a good source of tips and knowledge sharing.

You value your caravan. With the most suitable touring caravan insurance in place you can enjoy your trips knowing that you have the protection you need.