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Choosing touring caravan insurance

If something happens to your tourer, your holiday plans may go astray if you don’t have adequate insurance cover in place to help you sort things out. Not all policies may provide the same cover, so what kind of features might you be looking for to help you find cover that is appropriate for your needs:

• in the first instance it may be important to recognise that, when choosing touring caravan insurance, taking some time to compare policies may make sense – opting for a particular policy based on its price alone may not tell you anything about the cover it provides. We would be only to happy to help you in your search;

• if your tourer breaks down while you are touring, then the cover available for its recovery and repair are obviously important. Equally important though may be any provision for assistance with the costs of alternative accommodation to allow you to continue with your holiday;

• if you are intending to take your tourer abroad then you may need to bear in mind that not all policies may cover continental touring as standard. Check that there is adequate provision for the duration and the anticipated mileage of your trip;

• remember also to check that the recovery, breakdown and accommodation cover, applies outside of the UK;

• even if your tourer is not brand new, you may typically be looking for new for old replacement should the worst happen. Policies may differ in their criteria for this type of cover with some using three years as their cut off point, providing you have been the sole owner – others though may use five years, which could make quite a difference to you;

• remember when estimating the insurance value for your tourer that while your caravan may naturally be depreciating over time, the replacement cost for a new model, may not be;

• bear in mind that as a responsible caravan owner, you have certain responsibilities when it comes to keeping your caravan as safe as possible. Some touring caravan policies may require you to take some basic common sense security measures to help reduce the risks of theft etc.

• so you may find, for example, that policies may ask that you fit a wheel clamp if you go off somewhere leaving your car and caravan still hitched up and add a hitchlock if you drive off for a trip leaving your caravan on site;

• you may also find that policies which provide cover for your awning do not include any of your belongings kept under it in their cover and may only cover storm damage to the awning if you were in the caravan at the time it happened.