Clever static caravan storage ideas

The magazines and brochures are absolutely full of highly clever ways of better using the storage space in your caravan.

All that’s important because the attractions of caravanning can be mitigated to some extent if you’re constantly falling over items scattered on the floor or needing to regularly sweep-up after you’ve made a mess knocking over jars and bottles etc.

However, there are some pretty basic concepts you can think about before you go out and start buying some of those attractive high-tech storage units.

Be ruthless

If we’re honest, all of us have at one time or another looked at stuff in our caravan and thought “why on earth did we bring this with us”?

There’s nothing particularly clever about spending money on innovative solutions to store stuff that you don’t actually need anyway. So, think harshly at the outset and leave stuff behind which you’re going to be highly unlikely to ever use.


The more boxes, cartons, bottles and jars you have, the greater the chances of an errant elbow or knee knocking the lot flying.

So, get some tins, boxes or any other larger receptacles and store all those things like spices and condiments in them rather than individually. It’s not only safer it’s also a lot more space-efficient.

Think laterally about space

Yes, you have your surfaces and cupboards but don’t forget that the walls and ceilings can also be used to suspend various hanging containers from and that can hugely increase your amount of storage space.

True, you have to be careful where to place them and not to overdo it. Walking around banging your head constantly on suspended boxes can very quickly become tedious.

Even so, the ceiling space above beds can be a great place to hang suspended containers of one sort or another.

Invest in wireless technology where feasible

Nothing goes together less well than restricted space and technology cables.

There are some great wireless devices out there now and although it might involve spending a little to upgrade your technology, if it gets those cables and connectors off of the floor and surfaces it’ll be money well spent.

Don’t forget the boot of your car

Large numbers of touring caravan owners unload every last item from the boot of their car and then jam them into every conceivable space in the caravan.

Sometimes you might need to ask – why?

Doing those exploratory trips in your car with a completely empty boot when you’ll struggle to get into your caravan upon your return due to all the clutter, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

There are some excellent in-boot storage systems out there now and they can be used for interim storage of a wide variety of items on holiday. They can then be taken out and collapsed so that the boot is available again for suitcases and bags for that return trip.

Consider external storage

At one time, the idea of having a small container behind your touring caravan would have been inconceivably expensive but prices have fallen and the technical solutions are now a lot smarter than they once were. There are some excellent bolt-on containers, which can give you a huge amount of additional storage space.

Of course, you need to check your caravan insurance carefully in order to make sure that such storage units and their contents would be covered against theft and be clear that your now longer caravan would still be road-legal but it’s worth considering!