Great caravan gadgets for 2021

Already thinking about where you will be going on all those caravan outings and expeditions come this New Year?

Then, here are some of latest handy, neat, intriguing – and, maybe sometimes not so spellbinding – gadgets to consider for your caravanning trips in 2021:

Jack pads

  • we can’t promise that your next caravan pitch is going to be a muddy field under several days of relentless rain – but you’re as familiar with the British weather as we are;
  • to stop the legs or corner steadies of your caravan from sinking into the soft ground, why not try this eminently affordable pack of four caravan jack pads from Maypole – your caravan will stay all the steadier for them;

Warm as toast

  • there’s rarely much room in the caravan’s galley, so you’ll be limited in the range of appliances you can run;
  • the Swiss Luxx Low Wattage Caravan Toaster (available from the Caravan Club Shop) is specially designed for use in a caravan since it is diminutive in size – only around 8 inches long by 5 inches high by 4 inches wide and consumes only 700 watts of electricity;
  • a matching one-litre, low-wattage electric kettle is also available;

Your secret stash

  • in appearance, it looks like any regular tin of Heinz cream of tomato soup;

Cool in summer

  • of course, it’s going to be hot and sunny next summer – so, you might be struggling to keep things cool;
  • the generously proportioned 65-litre Chilly Bin cool box from Kampa keeps ice frozen for up to 4 days and has wheels for easy transport from one place to another, where it can be just as much at home inside your caravan for extra cold storage or outside for picnics;

Fire safety

  • you’ll want to stay this coming summer, of course, and this collapsible, UV resistant and frost-proof plastic Colapz Fire Bucket has its number one duty “Fire” emblazoned on the side – but it can also be safely used to carry food and drink;

Round or square?

  • that round washing-up bowl can be handy to use but tricky to store when you need to load your caravan with everything – including the kitchen sink;

Love is in the air

  • there’s just you and your loved one off on a caravan trip yet, when you want to sit outside, you have to settle for separate camping chairs;

Retractable cable

  • the beauty of some of 2021’s gadgets lie not so much in their novelty or imagination but sheer usefulness and convenience;
  • the Outwell Mensa mains roller kit fits just that bill, giving you a full 15 metres of extension cable – capable of reaching practically any caravan site electric hook-up point or a power point at home – and integrated three UK power sockets, two USB ports, RCD protection and circuit-breakers, with its own built-in 74 LED light and 1 LED night light;

You can never have enough of them

  • the bundle of collapsible silicone bowls and boxes let you heat, bake, freeze, mix, store and pour.

If it’s only to show off your latest collection of 2021’s gadgets and accessories, you’ll be raring to get set for your next caravan outing soon into the New Year.

Please note that we do not receive any commissions for the sale of any of these products. The gadgets suggested are for information purposes only and should not be seen as recommendations of