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HELP My Caravans been stolen!

After a long tiresome drive along the M6, wind hailing and visibility so poor you would struggle to see the brake lights in front of you, finally you arrive at Hilton Park Services. Blistering weather conditions make you wonder if the 200 mile round trip was really worth buying the new Valencia!!

You jump out of the car, straight into a puddle, typical! Heading the kids towards the doors with coats above heads, as you reach the automatic doors, that annoying tick, that you should do something, WHEELCLAMP!!

After what seems like an age you finally secure your PRIZED POSSESSION although soaked head to foot the smell of burger king is breezing across the rain-soaked car park which makes it all seem worth while.

Now after everyone is watered, fed and bladders emptied, it appears the sun has made an appearance!!

As you exit the services,

(Johnny get out of that puddle,)

You approach a somewhat familiar scene, your award winning Volkswagen Jetta (tow car of 2012 don’t you know!) but no caravan, a mere yellow mess which once was your insurance approved wheel clamp, lays next to your parking bay.

That gut wrenching feeling pulsates in your stomach!!

Now this is a nightmare scenario.. What are we going to do?

  1. Firstly your insured by Cover4 so relax and get a cup of tea
  2. Phone the police and report the incident
  3. Don’t touch anything, we have all seen the TV shows
  4. Phone your DEDICATED account handler or the insurer directly.