A Quick Guide To… Cheap Static Caravan Insurance

The thing about cheap static caravan insurance is that one person’s idea of what “cheap” means may be different to what someone else’s concept of how well priced a product or service may be. But when something as important as insurance is involved, you may wish to focus on what may be the most appropriate one for your own individual needs.

Price is not everything

Of course, if you are looking for cheap static home insurance then you may be very cost conscious. After all, why spend more money than you need to? But it may sometimes be too easy to be blinkered on price issues alone, at the expense of comparing what kind of cover you are getting for your money.

The key to getting cheap – or attractively-priced – static home insurance cover depends on what you want from your caravan cover. For example, do you simply want basic cover that is a low price, or a policy that offers the cover you need, at a realistic price?

In any case, there are things that you can do to influence the cover.

Potential reductions in the price

Make sure you know what discounts – if any – may apply to your circumstances as this may help you get a more attractively-priced deal.

For example, discounts may be available for:

  • people who have not made claims on similar policies they have had. This is because with some insurers, such people are deemed to be careful with their possessions;
  • members of a recognised caravan club;
  • static home owners who have taken extra safety precautions to ensure that their static is secure (although some security devices may be mandatory with some policies anyway); and
  • owners of static caravans which are kept on sites whose security provisions have been accredited by an industry recognised body.

Also, if you pay your insurance premium annually instead of monthly, this can often reduce the overall cost.

Consider increasing the excess (the amount you pay towards a successful claim) to lower your premium. Ensure it’s an amount you can comfortably afford if you need to make a claim.

And try to avoid making small claims that could impact your no-claims bonus. This can help maintain a lower premium in the long run.

Where may you buy the cover from?

All sorts of caravan cover, including cheap static caravan insurance, may be available from a number of sources.  Our blog: Things to look for in a caravans insurance comparison provides more information on shopping around and comparing your static caravan cover.

Do I have to buy the site owner’s insurance?

Some static caravan site owners may insist that their tenants purchase the caravan cover from them.  In most cases, however, you are not obliged to take the static caravan insurance they offer.

Whilst site owners may have a legitimate right to insist on seeing proof of your cover (and some may also charge you a fee if you don’t take their cover), in most cases they may not prevent you from going elsewhere for your caravan cover.

Other things to take into account

Finally, no matter what policy you purchase, whether expensive or cheap static caravan insurance, it is important that you take a good look at any obligations or assumptions that the policy places on your duties as a caravan owner.

On one hand, it may not come as a surprise that insurers may expect you to secure the caravan using appropriate locks, as discussed above. But on the other hand, you may not have noticed the obligation in some policies which means that you have to drain down the heating systems in the winter.

If you are looking for what you consider is cheap static caravan insurance or have any questions relating to static home cover, then please feel free to get in touch either on the telephone or email. We are always happy to help!

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