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Caravan Insurance

Buying a second hand caravan

Second hand caravans tend to hold their price very well – the Caravan Club, for example, goes so far as to say that a second hand caravan does so far better than a new one. If you are just starting out or if you...Read more

Why use a caravan awning?

Even the most ardent caravanner may at times find it hard to deny that any typical caravan, be it tourer, static or motorhome, might at times be a little short of space. Admitting that space may be an issue though is not the...Read more

Being eco-friendly in and around your ‘van

Eco-friendliness, sustainability and the protection of the planet are hot news topics these days – and rightly so. The concepts creep into every aspect of our lives and even have a relevance to your caravanning experiences – without in any way disturbing or...Read more

The popularity of touring caravan holidays

Some people might tell you that the heyday of caravan holidays in the UK were the decades running from the end of the 1940s through to around the earlier 1970s. Some people might tell you that the heyday of touring...Read more

Caravan Accessories

How much is caravan insurance?

There is, of course, absolutely no single answer to such a complicated question.  Too much might depend upon variables such as your type of caravan, where it is and how you use it etc. However, there are a number of factors that...Read more