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Reasons to buy a caravan

With the amount of Brits enjoying ‘staycations’ booming, caravanning is an increasingly popular option for people looking to take their holidays within the UK. It’s a home from home, with no worries about having to book hotel accommodation or fitting everything in to a suitcase for a flight.

In fact, recent studies show that more than 2 million people take holidays in caravans and motorhomes every year. And, nearly 65 million nights were spent camping and caravanning in Great Britain in 2018.

We love a caravan holiday! Here we share:

  • why staycations are so popular;
  • reasons to buy a caravan; and,
  • considerations before you buy.

Why a staycation? (Or, 10 good reasons to buy a caravan!)

You might be fed up to the back teeth with hearing about Brexit on the news day in and day out. You are probably even more peeved by the the rising costs of any holiday abroad.

The answer to your woes is simple – and it is called a staycation.

By staying in the beautiful and attractive surroundings of your own island home, staycations offer lots of opportunities – and a caravan holiday gives you plenty of possibilities for enjoying them.

Travel hassle

As every year goes by, passing through any airport becomes more and more of a nightmare – flight delays, security checks and impossible levels of crowding make it more of a torture.

By choosing a caravans staycation, you are free of any such hassle – with no size and weight restrictions on what you can take.

Staycationing caravanners

A staycation with benefits can be had by buying your own caravan – then you don’t even need to find the price of any hotel or bed and breakfast accommodation.

The freedom of the open road, your own home from home safely towed behind the car you are driving, and you are able to relax anywhere in the UK. Plus, the kids make the very most of an outdoor life, without the pain of travelling from one country to another.

Or, if you invest in a static caravan, you have your second home ready and waiting for you.

Freedom v planning

How much time did you have to spend planning your last foreign holiday – what with flights to book, what accommodation to choose, passports to arrange, travel to the airport, travel at your destination, not to mention spending cash to exchange?

Contrast that with the freedom of a caravan-based staycation – where you can pack the bags, load up the kids, and be away the very next morning, without a care in the world.

Home comforts

As many – or as few – of your own home comforts can be taken with you when you pack your caravan for a staycation in the UK. Some people find hotels and guesthouses to be rather sterile and unfriendly locations. If you are one of them, you may appreciate the home from home comforts that can be developed in and around your own caravan.

Making every day count

It’s not just the hassle that travelling abroad has become, but the sheer length of time it takes getting from home to the airport or ferry, making the journey to foreign shores, then travelling to your final destination – and doing it all over again when you want to come home. As soon as you start travelling in your caravan – or after you arrive at your static home – your holiday begins – making every day count and not a moment lost.

Boredom breakers and being spontaneous with a caravan holiday

If your caravan is mobile, you can go where you want. If you get bored after a couple of days in a given location, no problem! You can simply move on to somewhere else that catches your eye.

You are also less reliant on the bookings so can be more spontaneous. Perhaps it is a Friday night and you fancy a quick weekend break? Then, perfect, off you go. You have no need to start endlessly trying to find available flights etc. on the internet. Of course, you may need to think a little about some popular caravan site bookings at the height of the holiday season.

Taking your pets

If you regard your dog (or other furry friend) as part of the family, you may not relish the prospect of putting it into kennels. Assuming that you choose the sites that permit pets, you may be able to take your four legged friend with you and he or she can share in the fun experience. Read our Guide to caravanning with pets for more information.

The cost

You may obtain more cost-effective holidays. Hotels and flights can be very expensive. You might find that your caravan accommodation proves to be considerably easier on your pocket – and that might increase the number of breaks you can afford to take in a given year.

Access to fresh air

Caravanning is essentially about the outdoor life and that’s something that many of us could do with a lot more of for our physical and psychological health.

Caravans and holiday homes are fun!

There is no other way to describe it. A caravan holiday, whether in holiday parks or holiday homes, offers a fun experience, whether you are pitched up at one of the many luxury holiday parks or somewhere a bit more off the beaten track.

So now you’ve seen why having a caravan can be so attractive, what else do you need to consider?

Things you may need to think about before you buy a caravan

Here we touch on a few considerations before you buy. At the end of the section, we have provided links to our more in-depth guides too.


If you have found your ideal location then a static caravan may be more suitable for you. These are typically located on designated sites and while they can be moved from one site to another, they are not designed to be moved about regularly.

On the other hand if you tend to tire of a particular holiday location quickly and have a desire to take to the open roads and explore then a touring caravan or a motorhome may be more to your liking. You can spend as much or as little time as you want at any one site – you have complete freedom of choice.


If you are going to spend money on a caravan of whatever type then you may be keen to protect what could be a considerable investment on your part with some appropriate caravan insurance.

 Here at Cover4Caravans we will help you find a suitable caravans insurance quote – at budget friendly prices!

Weighty matters

If you opt for a tourer, your driving licence may typically cover you for towing a vehicle up to a certain weight and this will include many types of caravan.

You may need to check though and bear in mind that if you got your licence after 1996 and the combined weight of your car and caravan exceeds 3.5 tonnes, then an additional driving test may be necessary.

Cars also have a limit on the maximum weight that they can tow. This may vary depending on the weight of the actual car itself. Typically you may be able to safely tow something up to 85% of the weight of the towing vehicle. So make sure that your vehicle is up to the job of towing the caravan you are proposing buying.

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So, the above highlights some great reasons to buy a caravan. If you are still deliberating, however, the obvious question is” Why?”  The caravan fraternity is waiting to welcome you with open arms!