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Top tips on improving your ‘van

Just when you thought you’d chosen a caravan that was perfect in meeting your every desire, you’ve thought of some small – or not so small – way in which it might be improved still further.

And although the modern caravan is designed and built to meet practically every whim and fancy of the discerning owner, there are still ways in which you might customise, personalise and simply make it better.

You might try several different approaches – depending on your budget and the extent of the changes you want to make:


  • if you don’t have one already, probably the simplest, most straight forward and utilitarian way of improving your ‘van is to invest in an awning;
  • they come in all shapes and sizes – with some doubling the usable floor area of your caravan at a stroke;
  • the Caravan and Motorhome Club offers some comprehensive advice about choosing an awning that suits you and your caravan’s needs;


  • all the major manufacturers regularly launch new models and variations on best-selling versions – the touring caravan market is especially fast-moving;
  • if your caravan is more than several years’ old, therefore, you might feel that it is beginning to look a bit dated and in need of modernisation;
  • if that is the case, it is surprising how relatively small-scale changes and adjustments can make the world of difference to an interior that has begun to look somewhat tired and worn;
  • you might reupholster, for example, by recovering all the soft furnishings or simply introducing a few more scatter cushions;
  • change the curtains or blinds and install new lighting ideas, or a new sound system might also give you a newly colourful sensory background;
  • when all’s said and done, something as basic as a thorough spring clean is liable to bring your caravan up to date, with a modern-seeming appeal;

Upgrade and add a touch of luxury

  • take a step beyond the simply utilitarian addition of an awning or breathing a more modern look into the interior of your caravan by upgrading towards an element of luxury;
  • electrics – and the appliances and devices you run off the system – provide many opportunities for a touch of indulgence;
  • this might come in the shape of the latest in Blue Tooth speakers, for instance, or a clever network of USB plug sockets and ports – which can be used to connect as many devices and gadgets as you care to imagine;
  • other upgrades might be designed to take some of the chore out of setting up your pitch upon arrival at the campsite of your choice;
  • an automated levelling system, for example, will help to ensure that your caravan is immediately on an even keel, as electric corner steadies and hydraulic jacks beneath the axle settle your ‘van on the most uneven of pitches – and you’ll be set up in just a few minutes;
  • an electrically-powered motor-mover will also take the strain out of manoeuvring your caravan in any tight space – making the very best of your chosen pitch or ensuring the perfect positioning for storage.

Whatever your ‘van, whatever its age and whatever your budget there is always likely to be room for improvement. You might want to consider some of these tips and suggestions for modernising or adding a touch of luxury to your caravanning experience.

Finally, don’t forget that if you make extensive changes or improvements to your caravan, do let us know – you may need to increase the sum insured of your caravan insurance to reflect its increased value.