Why we love having our dogs on holiday

In a sense, the above title is a case of stating the obvious for most dog owners!

From our own customer surveys, here at Cover4Caravans, we know only too well that most people want to have their pooch with them when they are out and about on holiday. However, that sort of begs the question as to why that is the case.

In what follows below, we’ll explore some of the more obvious explanations that we’ve heard from our customers over time.

A member of the family

Most owners don’t regard their dog as a commodity or possession. A dog is a living breathing thing and its relationship with human beings is a phenomenal one, having evolved so far back in pre-history that its origins are unclear.

What is certain is that the old saying that “a dog is part of the family” is more than just a platitude. For many people, leaving their dog behind in kennels would be somewhere between highly undesirable and unthinkable.

In passing, this isn’t just a UK phenomenon either!


Although perhaps not exactly a positive reason, it’s also a fact that many people like having their dog with them for reasons of security and personal comfort.

It is widely accepted that, for example, nothing puts burglars off faster than a dog being on a targeted premises. Even when we are touring around, having a dog present can give that little bit of extra companionship, peace of mind and reassurance.


Anyone who has ever seen a dog enjoying itself in the open fields or on a beach will appreciate their sheer exuberance at being out in nature. Their enjoyment is infectious so it can also add to the pleasure of your outside life too.

It’s also a fact that, although it is said slightly “tongue-in-cheek”, a dog is often a real imperative in terms of forcing us to get out and take some exercise!

Some admin

Of course, fantastic as dogs are, if you are planning to take them on holiday with you there are a few points you will need to consider:

  • some touring caravan insurance may have certain conditions and restrictions relating to having pets aboard. For example, it’s possible that a policy might stipulate that such a pet cannot be confined inside the caravan if left alone;
  • make sure that the site you are planning to use will accept pets. In the UK today many sites are pet-friendly and have excellent facilities. Most will offer your dog a warm welcome.

Even so, some don’t – and that’s something you’ll want to know in advance so you can avoid them, rather than discovering it for the first time when you arrive. It’s always worth confirming beforehand;

  • don’t forget that some attractions, country parks and even beaches, ban dogs totally or at least during the peak tourist season. Do some research about your chosen destination to make sure that there are plenty of places locally where you can take your dog for exercise;
  • however well behaved your dog is, in the relatively confined spaces of a touring caravan, they may be a little more inclined to misbehave and jump around than normal. Make sure that your upholstery is appropriately protected and be careful with any breakables.

Above all though, have fun with man’s best friend on holiday!

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