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Are you struggling to find over 60’s caravan insurance?

It’s a sad fact of biology that, as we age, things might start to become a little more difficult in a number of areas.

You may encounter one of those if you suddenly start seeing problems in finding over 60’s’ caravan insurance – at least without paying huge additional premiums for it.

Why is that?  More importantly, what can you do about it?

Age and insurance premiums

Space doesn’t permit a full analysis of typical insurance assumptions relating to increasing age. However, as a general rule, there may be a tendency on the part of some providers to assume that once past 60, the risks of you making a claim on your policy increase significantly.

That presumption may be particularly prevalent amongst providers offering cover for things such as touring caravans and motorhomes. In fact, some might decline to cover you at all once you reach a certain age.

Yet here at Cover4Caravans, we don’t see it that way and a pleased to offer cost-effective cover for those aged 60 or over. We can even offer over 80’s caravan cover!


The logic behind that is simple.

As an experienced caravanner and driver, you are more likely to be safer on the road. For example, tendencies towards reckless caravan use or careless driving, may be far lower in someone mature than in someone perhaps in their twenties.

So, we believe that it is only sensible that these are taken into account and used to offset, where possible, some of the increasing risks that might inevitably come with advancing age.

Fortunately, some policy providers hold similar views and outlooks.

Looking around

The bottom line here is that there are providers who are willing to offer cover for the over sixties and even in some cases discounts.

There is no obvious reason why you should need to accept as a fait accompli increasing premiums once you pass that major milestone of 60 years of age. After all, 60 is the new 40!

So, why not make that little extra effort to have a good look around before simply paying that demand for a higher premium?