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Hibernation is for Frogs

As the evenings continue to draw in, November is a month where traditionally our thoughts turn to staying at home rather than getting out and about in the caravan. Summer fades into the distant memory as we begrudgingly admit...Read more

Why use awnings?

Even the most ardent caravanner may at times find it hard to deny that any typical caravan, be it tourer, static or motorhome, might at times be a little short of space. Admitting that space may be an issue though...Read more

8 top tips: maintaining your static home

Here are a few useful top tips that just might help keep your static caravan in better all-round condition: keep it free of detritus. Apologies if this sounds a little self-evident but twigs, small branches and above all leaves, can cause...Read more

Winter driving tips

A little bit of common sense and advance preparation can make all the difference when it comes to safer winter motoring. Here are a few winter driving tips that just might come in handy one day: think about your tyres.  Some...Read more

Pump it up!

You know how it is. You’ve found the site ok, got checked in, sorted your pitch, got the van set up, the kettle on or the bottle opened. Time to relax? No, because you know the next job on...Read more